A Kristmas Gift From Gospoja Kandyass

Guess what!

We’ve got a little early Christmas present for you! Oh yes we do, we have a free ticket to December 20th’s Candyass Club Cabaret!



The catch?

Well…. only that you’ve got to figure out where it is
before you can unwrap it.

Kandyass Geocache Burlesk coordinates:

N45.486982 W73.564086W


Please note:
Any risk undertaken by anyone looking for this geocache is not the responsibility of Velma Candyass or the nut who placed them. Any charges laid for trespassing, injuries, damaged clothing, lost cell phones, STD’s contracted,angry skunks, sickness or injury as a result of searching for
this geocache are solely the responsibility of the person searching.

Happy Hunting!

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