A Wink and a Wiggle

Saturday night was Andrea Hausmann‘s Signature Saturday at the Wiggle Room.

I opened the show but, much to my dismay, performed rather poorly, which threw me off a little in the beginning, but –

After tripping over a stage light, twisting my ankle and landing on both my knees. (Yes. That’s right. It happened AGAIN!!)

And making myself entirely vulnerable to the audience by sharing some of my deepest darkest secrets, openly cruising my sister’s doppelganger, asking the barmaid to marry me, and probably a bunch of other stuff that it’s best I don’t remember,

-I recovered some of my dignity, relaxed into the show, and redeemed myself soon enough.

I think.

Although it’s perfectly possible that my perspective was completely skewed. In which case I both blame and thank Seska Lee profusely for sending a constant supply of Dark and Stormys up to the stage.

Um, and can I just say:

1. That is the one drink on the menu that I was dying to try


2. Those drinks have seriously got to be made out of the juice of virgin angels or something because MY GOD! Seriously?? My new favourite drink ever.
Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime, virgin angel juice, and I don’t know what else but I am making it my life mission to figure it out or lose my liver trying, because I’ve been feeling dark and stormy since the last one I drank wore off.


3. Audience! Honestly! You were amazing! So much fun to perform for but also, so sweet and full of love for days following the show. Thank you for the kind words and compliments and facebook messages and friend requests! I am so glad to have met you and so very very glad that you enjoyed the show!

It was great fun to share the stage with the other talent. It was super cool to share a stage with Velma Candyass that wasn’t at our home base.

And the stage kitten and stage manager made the night go by so smoothly, and Andrea put on a great a show!
Big kisses to all three of them.

Can I just say also that if I didn’t completely blow it this weekend, and if anybody ever asks me to MC again, I am either going to do it wearing armour, or I’m investing in one of those invisible dog fences, and I’m going to program it to zap me as I near the edge of the stage, as a reminder to check for things like stairs, light fixtures, bodies, etc…

Some people spend the day after a show at the spa, or brunching with friends, or calling a pyjama day, to recover from all the stress and excitement.

I hang out in hospital waiting rooms. It’s pretty much my thing now.

Consolation gifts (Chocolate, flowers, wine, money etc…) can be left on the balcony outside my front door. No need to ring the doorbell (it makes the dog bark), I’ll be checking regularly.


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