A Wink and a Wiggle

Saturday night was Andrea Hausmann‘s Signature Saturday at the Wiggle Room.

I opened the show but, much to my dismay, performed rather poorly, which threw me off a little in the beginning, but –

After tripping over a stage light, twisting my ankle and landing on both my knees. (Yes. That’s right. It happened AGAIN!!)

And making myself entirely vulnerable to the audience by sharing some of my deepest darkest secrets, openly cruising my sister’s doppelganger, asking the barmaid to marry me, and probably a bunch of other stuff that it’s best I don’t remember,

-I recovered some of my dignity, relaxed into the show, and redeemed myself soon enough.

I think.

Although it’s perfectly possible that my perspective was completely skewed. In which case I both blame and thank Seska Lee profusely for sending a constant supply of Dark and Stormys up to the stage.

Um, and can I just say:

1. That is the one drink on the menu that I was dying to try


2. Those drinks have seriously got to be made out of the juice of virgin angels or something because MY GOD! Seriously?? My new favourite drink ever.
Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime, virgin angel juice, and I don’t know what else but I am making it my life mission to figure it out or lose my liver trying, because I’ve been feeling dark and stormy since the last one I drank wore off.


3. Audience! Honestly! You were amazing! So much fun to perform for but also, so sweet and full of love for days following the show. Thank you for the kind words and compliments and facebook messages and friend requests! I am so glad to have met you and so very very glad that you enjoyed the show!

It was great fun to share the stage with the other talent. It was super cool to share a stage with Velma Candyass that wasn’t at our home base.

And the stage kitten and stage manager made the night go by so smoothly, and Andrea put on a great a show!
Big kisses to all three of them.

Can I just say also that if I didn’t completely blow it this weekend, and if anybody ever asks me to MC again, I am either going to do it wearing armour, or I’m investing in one of those invisible dog fences, and I’m going to program it to zap me as I near the edge of the stage, as a reminder to check for things like stairs, light fixtures, bodies, etc…

Some people spend the day after a show at the spa, or brunching with friends, or calling a pyjama day, to recover from all the stress and excitement.

I hang out in hospital waiting rooms. It’s pretty much my thing now.

Consolation gifts (Chocolate, flowers, wine, money etc…) can be left on the balcony outside my front door. No need to ring the doorbell (it makes the dog bark), I’ll be checking regularly.


Blue Light Hôtel

An English description will follow:

LE Cabaret érotico-rétro-chic de Février!

“Blue Light Hôtel”

Venez vous réchauffer en notre compagnie ! Sortez vos plus beaux habits, on se fait chic pour venir voir vos effeuilleuses favorites!

Samedi 11 et 18 février 2012

Les billets sont en vente dès maintenant
30$ en prévente (+ frais de services)
ou 35$ à la porte (+ frais de service)
Portes 18h00
Spectacle 19h00 pile!
Café Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010
Sur le Réseau Admission,514-790-1245

Fameux proverbe burlesquois :
“Achète tes billets en avance pour ne pas te cognez le nez à notre porte!”

THE erotico-retro-chic Cabaret of February!
“Blue Light Hotel”

Brave the cold and warm up in our company. Dress up to the nines and arrivein style to catch your favourite burlesque dancers.
Resistance is futile! This is a show NOT TO BE MISSED!

Saturday February 11 and 18th 2012

TIckets are now on sale!
30$ in pre-sale (+service fees)
or 35$ at the door (+service fees)

Doors: 6pm ; Show: 7pm
Cafe Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010
Through the Admission Network, 514-790-1245

Blue Light Burlesque’s “B Movie Extravaganza!”

Samedi 15 octobre
“B Movie Extravaganza!”

Portes 18h00. Spectacle 19h00

Les billets sont en vente dès maintenant 20$ en pré-vente (+ frais de services)
25$ à la porte (+ frais de service)

Café Campus , 57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010

Billets en prévente :
Café Campus (9h @ 17h la semaine) 514-844-1010
Sur le Réseau Admission, 514-790-1245
Ainsi que chez Glamour Montreal, 1695 St-Denis, (12h @ 17h la semaine)

Candyass Club Cabaret September 2011

A schmear of local entertainment
for your eyes and ears to feast on.

A dab of Drag kings ,Drag Queens to burlesque performers and quirky, light hearted tasty yet eclectic entertainment
Reena the Dragqueen is the hostess with the mostest and you just might see Ms Candyass MC a bit ;-)

bringing vaudeville and burlesque performances to the entertainment district
the 3rd friday of each month

doors open 9pm to get your drank on
showtime 9:30 pm

welcoming to the stage-
Nat King Pole

Tommy Toxic

Damiana Dolce

Diane the sublime baladi dancer

Mlle A

dancing girls, dancing boyz ,cabaret dancers , singers,bad poets,bad actors,clowns and more

afterwards drink ,hang around and dance onstage to the tunes
spun by Cafe Cleo’s stripclub DJ
As only a strip club DJ can do ! Bruno ‘Le Boom Boom” Pelletier
Ticket : 10$



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So… for those of you who attended the Montreal Burlesque Festival last night, I may or may not have promised to show anyone and everyone my boobs upon request, at any given time, in any given place.

As it turns out, flashing people in public is not yet legal in Montréal which, in all honesty, I find appalling.

In order to adequately compensate you all, I would like to offer you this song that I sang by donation. So go ahead and click on the cute little drawing of me bellow if you want Candy to have and to hold and to listen to whenever you like.



As a burlesque performer, on tends to get loving messages and adorable fan mail.

Dear Damiana,
Last night’s show was great! Thanks for the good times, thanks for the memories etc…

Dear Damiana,
You’re so talented and beautiful etc…

Or the one a got a few days ago

“Damiana, my slutstress your whorish face makes my ******* quiver and my ***** tighten to the point of hot warm milk shooting out of my swollen 10 1/2 inch **** on your toes only to lick them clean and spit the *** back in your mouth for you to tongue kiss me with unadulterated lust….. mmmm you are my fantasy my slutstress”

Now that’s romance!

Anyway. I recently got an email from a woman who praised me for being beautiful, talented and glamorous (thank you) then made reference to me being a man-eater, leaving trails of emasculated men in my wake (fair enough), without a care in the world for the people I hurt (hey!) in the process. And she asked…

“What good is being glamorous, beautiful and talented if you live such a self serving, shallow and superficial life? How can you do a job so devoid of depth and real feeling? Sex is not love.”

Needless to say, I was a little hurt by the implications. I do have feelings, I swear!

And to prove it, I wrote this very deep, loving song about my deep loving feelings. Deep.

▼ Listen ▼



Starlight Burlesque August 2010

Starlight Burlesque cordially invites you to an evening of top Classical Burlesque entertainment! Featuring Toronto’s most illustrious and glamorous burlesque beauties, rising stars and International guests. Starlight Burlesque was touted to be a must see event! We are always the top spot on every burlesque calendar nation-wide with sell out shows.

Expect only the very best in sizzling Striptease, Vaudeville Variety and Burlesque Pageantry during this glamorous evening in Toronto! Starlight Burlesque offers the beauty and prestige of a bygone era but updated for your modern enjoyment!

August 20th, 2010
the Great Hall
(1087 Queen St West)
$25 in advance or $30 at the door

(VIP tickets available, $45 in advance which includes the best possible seating, one free martini and a free autographed photo of Starlight Burlesque)



Accompanied live by the George Lake Swing Band

Starring the 2009 reigning queen of Burlesque –Perle Noire (the Black Pearl) from Louisana

Montreal’s Sweetheart of the Striptease – Mlle Oui Oui Encore

Making her debut as the ingénue of Starlight Burlesque – the electrifying Keela Watts!

Plus all of the lovely ladies of Starlight Burlesque…
St. Stella
Emmanuelle La Gitane
Esther De Ville
Virginia D’Vine

And of Course, myself, Damiana Dolce

Hosted by the most rib-tickling comedians in Vaudeville…Parker and Seville!

Dress to impress and come with us to a time where vintage glamour and opulence were the every day norm.

DJ’d Afterparty

Bring back the Burlesque!

Over at Burlesque Daily a couple of weeks ago, Jo was introduced to this inquiry

“Why do you think so many of todays Burlesque performers don’t take pride in keeping their body in shape? Is burlesque really just an excuse for some out of shape women to take their clothes off and try to feel good about themselves?”

to which she gave a sharp smart response.
Love her.

I find it heartbreaking that there are people even in burlesque who believe that only the “fittest” have the right to feel good about themselves (as though that’s all there were to be confident about in life anyway…) and that the rest are left to try and find an excuse to do the same.

This seems to be part of a theme these days that has really started to get me down.

In my eyes, Burlesque is a sexy, interactive, humourous and theatrical outlet for creative expression and self celebration. While drawn to the glamour and rhinestones like a crow to a tin pie pan, my favorite acts are still, more often than not, those that stay true to the vaudevillian tone of parody and theatrics; the acts that areacts.

Lately I’m starting to feel like burlesque is fighting a trend to lean away from it’s roots and morph into a Las Vegas showgirl pageant style competition. Performers seem to be under more and more pressure lately to look like Burlesque barbie dolls, with “perfect” bodies, eating disorders and implants.

Am I the only one who is worried that burlesque is going to get hijacked by society’s superficial standards, like almost everything else in North America?