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Damiana Dolce –
Andrea Hausmann Photography

Damiana Dolce has been singing and acting from the age of 8 years old. She began her Burlesque career, performing and touring with the Fluffgirl Burlesque Revue in 2003.

She is the co-founder and former co-producer of Montreal’s Diary of a Lost Circus Burlesque Cabaret, she has appeared in a handful of short independent and feature length films, and performs regularly with both The Candyass Club Cabaret and Blue Light Burlesque, and independently in a variety of other burlesque shows, cabarets, dinner theaters, and festivals here in Montreal and internationally; the most recent of which being the 2013 Tokyo Burlesque Festival – C’est Magnifique and the 2014 Vermont Burlesque Festival.


Burlesk Goes North 2004
Toronto Burlesque Festival 2010
Montreal Burlesque Festival 2012
Tokyo Burlesque Festival 2013
Vermont Burlesque Festival 2014

Regular and ongoing shows and performances

Blue Light Burlesque, Montreal QC

Candyass Club Cabaret, Montreal QC




IMDB (Damiana Dolce / Jennifer June Chapman)

“Le Dernier Cabaret” 2013
A documentary about Montreal’s Red District Venue Cafe Cleopatra
by Catherine Proulx
– Damiana Dolce

“Tony Ezzy Gets A Job” (2013)

by Daniel Bitton
– Jennifer / Zhen


“She Demons of the Black Sun” (2006)

by SV Bell
– Video Store Girl

DamianaDolce 3 - Andrea Hausmann Photography

Andrea Hausmann Photography