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So… for those of you who attended the Montreal Burlesque Festival last night, I may or may not have promised to show anyone and everyone my boobs upon request, at any given time, in any given place.

As it turns out, flashing people in public is not yet legal in Montréal which, in all honesty, I find appalling.

In order to adequately compensate you all, I would like to offer you this song that I sang by donation. So go ahead and click on the cute little drawing of me bellow if you want Candy to have and to hold and to listen to whenever you like.



As a burlesque performer, on tends to get loving messages and adorable fan mail.

Dear Damiana,
Last night’s show was great! Thanks for the good times, thanks for the memories etc…

Dear Damiana,
You’re so talented and beautiful etc…

Or the one a got a few days ago

“Damiana, my slutstress your whorish face makes my ******* quiver and my ***** tighten to the point of hot warm milk shooting out of my swollen 10 1/2 inch **** on your toes only to lick them clean and spit the *** back in your mouth for you to tongue kiss me with unadulterated lust….. mmmm you are my fantasy my slutstress”

Now that’s romance!

Anyway. I recently got an email from a woman who praised me for being beautiful, talented and glamorous (thank you) then made reference to me being a man-eater, leaving trails of emasculated men in my wake (fair enough), without a care in the world for the people I hurt (hey!) in the process. And she asked…

“What good is being glamorous, beautiful and talented if you live such a self serving, shallow and superficial life? How can you do a job so devoid of depth and real feeling? Sex is not love.”

Needless to say, I was a little hurt by the implications. I do have feelings, I swear!

And to prove it, I wrote this very deep, loving song about my deep loving feelings. Deep.

▼ Listen ▼



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