Candyass Cabaret Presents Stumped In The City

Join us as we stumble over granite stumps ,collapsed caleche horses past neglected/ burned down historic buildings to enjoy performers at the iconic Cafe Cleopatra .
A scintillating lineup of boondoggle projects for an off #mtl375 cabaret

Showtime 10 pm Doors 9pm
Spectacle 22h portes 21h
Vendredi le 17 Nov
Friday Nov 17
1230 boul st laurent

Miss Curvy Beauty (France)
Damiana Dolce
Diane Labelle
Nat King Pole
Lili Lolipop
Classy Clare
Tania the Mexican Mime
Jacy Lafontaine
Roxie Hardon
James Douglas

and MORE!

DJ Martin
Stage Kitten Miss Enchante

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Un délectable buffet de divertissement à fois charmant et provocateur….un véritable festin pour vos yeux et vos oreilles.
Un délicieux mélange d’artistes au coeur du quartier historique de divertissement et de la Main.
Un brin de drag et une pincée de vaudeville

Courez la chance de gagner des prix mediocre dans nos concours!
Du talent! Celebrez votre annivesaire avec nous

The Candyass Club Cabaret presents a monthly cabaret with a stellar cast and new acts every 3rd Friday.
Featuring a tasty eclectic blend of artists in the heart of the historic entertainment district on the Main.

Members of our audience are randomly selected to partake in our silly contests to win incredibly mediocre prizes!

Comedy! Burlesque! Vaudeville!
Talent! Whoopee!
Fun times !

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