Candyass Ides of March 16 Cabaret

Vendredi le 16 mars
Friday March 16
1230 boul st laurent

$10 comedy-vaudeville
portes ouvert 21h doors open 9pm
spectacle 22h showtime 10pm

Make Rome great again
Friends ,Romans get ready to put on your tiniest togas
and Veni Vedi Veci for an evening of ancient vaudeville and ecydisiast arts
Beware the Ides of March -time for togas and risqué romans
bloody caesars , cleopatra and more!
MC Jimmus Phulius leads the way the way to the forum

Nat Rex Polius
Damiana Dolce
Diane Labellus
Roxie Hardonus
Lili Lolipopus
Trixie Cupsi
Aria Rose Marieus
Poi Sinius

and MORE!

DJ Martinus Metalicus
Vestal Virgin Clare

Un délectable buffet de divertissement à fois charmant et provocateur….un véritable festin pour vos yeux et vos oreilles.
Un délicieux mélange d’artistes au coeur du quartier historique de divertissement et de la Main.
Courez la chance de gagner des prix médiocres dans nos concours!
Du comédie, du chant de style “lounge”, de la dance et encore plus! Du talent!
The Candyass Club Cabaret presents a monthly cabaret with a stellar cast and new acts every 3rd Friday.
Featuring a tasty eclectic blend of artists in the heart of the historic entertainment district on the Main.

Members of our audience are randomly selected to partake in our silly contests to win incredibly mediocre prizes!

Talent! \Whoopee !
Fun times ! Frolics !





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